Why People are Turning Home into a Gym

We are noticing a trend…

More people are turning their homes into a personal gym. Why?

Is it due to higher commercial gym membership fees? Or is it due to convenience or some other reason?

We decided to dig into and ask few people about this.

While investigating further into this question, we noticed a pattern that there are some people who are setting up their basement are into a personal gym or some are converting their garage into a gym and some are more innovative and using their doors as a gym.

Based on these trends, we can put these trends into following categories:

  1. Turn Your Apartment or Condo into a Gym
  2. Turn a Park into a Gym
  3. Turn Your Garage into a Gym
  4. Turn Your Door into a Gym

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Turn Your Apartment into a Gym

This can be a challenge for some and for creative souls, it is an opportunity.

There are many fitness gadgets available now a days which an be used in a smaller space and can be stored below your bed space.

Because of unique needs of such consumers, many new innovative and creative fitness items you can use now a days to stay fit no matter how little space you may have.

While talking to this segment of the people, we got the following suggestions on fitness gadgets:

  • Resistance Loop Bands
  • Resistance Stretch Bands
  • Heavy Duty Resistance Pull up Bands
  • Iron Gym Pull up Bar
  • Tummy Trimmer
  • Chest Expander
  • Dumb bells
  • Rotating Push up Stands
  • Yoga Balls
  • Yoga Mats for yoga poses in the comfort of your home
  • and much more…


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Turn a Park into a Gym


While talking to people, a majority of the people mentioned that they do love to carry their home gym items into a park whenever they want to.

So many of the above items were mentioned but few new ones were also talked about.

The new fitness items mentioned for this category are as following:

  • Suspension Trainer or some call it Suspension Training Kit
  • Outdoor Gyms like putting a strap on a tree or playground bar and use it to do pull ups
  • Many shared that they use door gym as a sit up exerciser as well as for dips
  • Of course there are many more items like using sport items for cardio exercises


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Turn Your Garage into a Gym

Fitness equipment in the gym. Gym.

With lot of space like a garage, you have plenty of options now.

You can setup any area which you are not using to park a vehicle into a home gym.

You can even buy multi training home gyms giving you so many options. You can buy weights, heavy duty dumb bells etc

You can also use hooks in the garage to setup for the resistance bands and some mentioned using their door gyms in an innovative way in a garage.

Of course there are many options here...



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Turn Your Door into a Gym

door gym main

We found many people getting excited when talking about the door gym.

Some were calling it with different names like iron gym, iron gym bar, door gym pro, iron bar gym, pull up bar, chin up bar, etc but all had the same meaning and we are going to call it as door gym pull up bar.

Coming back to the main reason why a majority of the people are bringing gym into their homes, we realized that everyone has their own reasons.

Instead of putting all of those reasons, we are summarizing it into following categories:

  • Lost their job due to layoff or economic reasons and they are looking for cheaper solutions to stay fit - makes perfect sense and we salute these people to stay constructive despite such a major life challenge.
  • No time to go to gym so why not bring gym home
  • Even though paying for commercial gym membership, these people wanted to plan for the back up so that they can do exercises at home whenever they feel like doing it.
  • Some are keeping these home gym items in their offices so that they can use it during their break period.
  • Cheaper home gym items making it more affordable
  • Love the products, so bought it and use it whenever they want to use it - seems like a convenience factor


The most interesting category for our team was door gym and we decided to do more research into this.

So in the coming days, we will share more about the door gyms or how to convert your door into a gym.

Until then, health news network team is wishing you to stay healthy and be fit...

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