Turkey Tail Mushrooms or Reishi Mushrooms – Which One is Better?

One of our team members asked me this question – which one is better between turkey tail mushrooms and reishi mushrooms?

Recently I did an interesting article on mushrooms and it is shown below if you missed it. Read it as you will find lots of good information on mushrooms:

Now back to this debate on which mushroom is better…

At Health News Network, we have a policy of not talking about medical benefits as we are not doctors but our job is to report about new and latest research without making any claims. So keeping this in mind I am going to share what I can and I will provide resources here for those who are interested and they can check those resources for the health benefits of these mushrooms.

Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

As per some experts, Turkey Tail Fungus is the best mushroom among all mushrooms.

Why some of these experts claim it to be the best?

I think the answer lies in the benefits. In some cultures, it is called clouds mushroom due to the shape. In some Asian cultures such as Japanese, it is associated with longevity, health, spiritual attunement and infinity. If you are wondering what is attunement. Here is the meaning as per Wiki: Attunement is a form of energy medicine originally developed by Lloyd Arthur Meeker (1907 – 1954) and his colleagues.

Turkey Tail Fungus abundantly grows on dead and fallen branches, stumps and trees.

Based on my research it is popularly used for immune boost but I found some interesting work during my investigation and I am sharing here directly from those resources along with reference to those resources.

As per draxe.com, here are the benefits nicely captured by them through the below image:

Please keep in mind we are just sharing the good information here shared by other experts and in no way we are endorsing any website claims.

I like Paul Stamet’s work and especially his TED talk and you can watch that here as it refers to Turkey Tail benefits too.

As per Dr. Andrew Weil (Source: Turkey Tail Mushrooms for Cancer Treatment?), lots of research is going on in various Universities about the benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms.

As per the Truth about Cancer website (source: thetruthaboutcancer.com), they summarized the benefits nicely in the below image:

I also found some great resources and sharing it here as it is.


Turkey Tail Research Studies and Articles


I want to remind the readers that please do your research before jumping to any conclusion.

Now it is time to check the benefits of Reishi Mushrooms.

Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi is extremely popular in China. It's local name is Lingzhi or  some call it as spirit plant.

In some Asian cultures, it is also known as "Mushroom of Immortality".

Reishi mushrooms have been used for centuries in the Asian culture due to a useful compound known as ganoderic acid (a triterpenoid), which is used for treating some health challenges.

Reishi is also known as a tonic herb in Chinese medicine which means it can be consumed in regular quantities without causing adverse side effects, much like food.  As per some experts, Reishi falls under the category of adaptogenic herbs due to its ability to help the body adapt to stressors like anxiety, fatigue, trauma and emotional distress.

I also found some great resources on reishi research and sharing it here as it is.


Reishi Research Studies and Articles


Once again I want to remind the readers that please do your research before jumping to any conclusion.

I could not reach to any conclusion after conducting research for many days because I found both mushrooms provide unique benefits and only a proper health practitioner can decide which one should be taken for a specific health issue.

So my conclusion is talk to a health care professional if you are wondering which mushroom i.e. turkey tail or reishi is better!

DISCLAIMER: I am a reporter and not a health care practitioner. Please consult your physician before using any type of mushroom for health purposes. Statement related to any type of health benefits have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and products referenced in this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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