Don’t Buy a Pull up Bar until You Read This!

Don’t buy any pull up or chin up bar until you read this news!

That’s a bold statement and you must be wondering what is that top feature we are talking about…

Before we talk about the top feature, we should explore the pullup or chinup bar trends.

Of course there are many type of pull up or chin up bars available and we can’t put all those types here. So we are categorizing in terms of types of bars.

  • Fixed Ones – you need to install these almost permanently on a wall or on a heavy structure. This are very sturdy and mainly designed for commercial gyms.
  • Portable Ones – This is our favorite category and this is the most popular one based on some Fitness Experts.

Since the fixed ones are designed mainly for high traffic and for commercial purpose, we are going to share the benefits of portable pull up bars.

Benefits of a Portable Pull up or Chin up Bar

As it suggests, the main benefit is that it is portable and you can carry it any where.

Here are the main benefits:

  • No damage to your home or garage as it does not need any modification to your structure. Even though this is one of the main benefits, there are some type of pull up or chin up bars which may require some modifications.
  • Carry it while going out on vacation trips
  • Keep it handy in your car
  • No excuses for skipping the daily exercise routine
  • Take it to a park and do exercises there with the help of structure available in the park
  • Lightweight and easy to install

The most popular item in this category is the door gym pull up bar. As we started writing for this article, we had interviewed many people and this was the most voted item.

Even though there are quite a good number of different types of door gym bars are available in the market, we found the majority voting for a simple like the below one:

[feature_box style=”4″ alignment=”center”]

Portable Pull up or Chin up Bar

door gym main

(Source: The above door gym pull up bar  image by Furious Fitwear.)

Now we are going to talk about all the features you should be keeping in mind while buy a door gym including the top main feature.

Top Features to Keep in Mind While Buying a Door Gym

Here are the top features you should be keeping in mind while exploring different door gyms:

  • It should be light weight so that it is easy to carry any where. During our research we found quite a good number of door gyms which were heavy. You need to keep in mind that you are not competing with the commercial gyms.
  • It should be extremely simple to assemble and simple to install. This is a big one and in fact this is the main top feature you should keep in mind while evaluating various door gyms. During our research we found many with fancy looking attachments, complicated assembly instructions etc but simple is simple and it is better if we keep the fitness gadgets also simple.
  • Iron is the preferred construction choice as it is sturdy and durable. While researching we found some door gyms without any polish but it is better to look for one which is coated with a good paint as final product look will be better if there is a good paint finish. So avoid plastic door gyms and go for the iron door gyms.
  • Customer Support is a key while buying an item and we suggest to look for a company which is there for you when you need them.

So overall our top one suggestion is to go for an iron door gym with no complex setups. It needs to be simple to assemble and simple to install.

Creative Ways to Use Door Gyms as Multi-Gym Gadget

This is another interesting trend we found that many people are using this simple piece of door gym for doing a variety of exercises.

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Door Gym for Pull up or Chin up Exercises

doorgymLifestyle Photo 2


[feature_box style="7" alignment="center"]

Door Gym for Sit up Exercises



[feature_box style="7" alignment="center"]

Door Gym for Push up Exercises



While there are many other ways users are coming up to use this innovative fitness gadget, you may come up with a brand new idea which nobody may have used it. So why not share your creativity here for the benefit of everybody...

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